New project successful!

Our latest project in the village Tag-Os is successfully completed. Here you can read all about it and after the project information you will find all pictures of this project. Especially check out the video at the end...

Project Tag-Os Elementary School

After reading a most humble request from the village Tag-Os to build a very much needed school stage and an additional classroom for Tag-Os Elementary School, we decided to help them as much as we could. Unfortunately SLF did not have enough funding for the requested classroom, but the much needed stage was a wish we were able to grant. Therefore this became our new project, thanks to our financial supporters!

The barangay (village) Tag-Os is a depressed coastal barangay under the municipality of Matalom and the province of Leyte. There are 300 families residing in Tag-Os and the only means of living for the village people are fishing and farming. Since it’s impossible for passenger jeepneys (public transportation) to drive to the barangay, it can only be reached by foot or by riding a ‘habal-habal’ (motorcycle-cab).

Tag-Os Elementary School has an enrolment of almost 200 pupils from Pre-Elementary up to Grade 6. Since there are only 6 classrooms to accommodate the pupils from Grade 1 to 6, the classes for the Pre-Elementary classes are conducted in an abandoned old Home Economics room during rainy days or in the shadow under the trees outside whenever the weather is fair enough. The school unfortunately also has no stage for the school programs and social-recreational activities of the pupils. Their only alternative solution is to utilize the small space of their school ground as a makeshift stage. In some occasions, if the weather is bad, the pupils may use the stage of the barangay.

The barangay officials recommended Tag-Os Elementary School to the Sheryl Lynn Foundation as a recipient of our charitable projects, because the school really needs these facilities for their school children. Barangay officials, school teachers, pupils and parents promised that they would be more than happy and willing to voluntarily help in transporting the construction materials from the barangay proper to the uphill school site to save in labor costs.

Below you can see all the pictures of this project and the process of building the stage. In the posted video you can see the amazing team effort of many village people of Tag-Os as they volunteer in transporting the construction materials uphill to keep their promise.

A beautiful and deserved School Stage is now part of Tag-Os Elementary School and we are happy to say (and show on the last pictures) that this stage is now also used as a solution for the Pre-Elementary pupils to follow their classes. A BIG THANK YOU to all the financial supporters of SLF for making this possible for the village Tag-Os!

Road uphill to Tag-Os Elementary School...

Front gate of the school

View from gate

Head teachers office

Pupils inside one of the classrooms

Drawings of the planned school stage



Construction materials

Volunteers from Tag-Os helping to save on labor costs
(also see video below)

Students helping out as well!

...and having fun with it!

Digging for the stage foundation

The engineer (left) and the head teacher (right) busy planning


And from this... went to that!!

Side view of the stage

Banner they made to thank the Sheryl Lynn Foundation and SLF sponsors!

A traditional blessing of the brand new stage

Pupils, parents and school officials came to join the ceremony

Group photo of the Tag-Os Elementary School teachers and the Barangay officials

Pre-Elementary pupils now able to follow their classes with a roof over their heads

The video below shows how lots of town people of all ages volunteered as a team to transport construction materials uphill to the construction site. I find it amazing how they all help out together to save on labor costs and in this way show their gratitude by doing what they can for this project. It really shows how one town can be so united... Great team work!



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