Pay it forward for SLF

The Sheryl Lynn Foundation wants to start a new project in the poor mountain village Hitoog, that is in desperate need of a new elementary school building.

Through the 'Pay it forward for SLF' campaign SLF is raising money to realize this project. This campaign asks for nothing more than a small donation of 1,30 Euro through a simple phone call of several seconds and your help by forwarding the campaign letter to 3 of your friends or family members. In that way we can try to combine all these smaller donations and make it a much larger amount that will help to build a 3 class room elementary school building in Hitoog.

Please help us to realize this project! Call 0900-HELPONS (0900-4357667) and after the beep dial the code 1820 to donate 1,30 Euro to SLF. Then forward the campaign letter to 3 people who haven't read it yet and might want to make the phone call too!

To read about this latest project click here.

To download the 'Pay it forward for SLF' campaign letter click here.




                                    24 CALLS

                             OTHER DONATIONS 

                         A TOTAL OF 425 EUROS

            Thank you all very much for your help!

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