Pictures SLFH-Building

The SLFH-Building is the official name of the new school building that is currently being built in Hitoog. Find lots of pictures here to keep you updated on the progress!

The Sheryl Lynn Foundation Hitoog Building stands for Strength, Love, Faith and Hope. Strength, to represent the strength of the town Hitoog, Love to represent love in general as a number one importance in our lives and especially the lives of children. Faith, to represent the proof this building is of the amazing fruits faith will bring us always, as the faith of the Hitoog people granted them their wish for this school building. And finally Hope, to represent the source of hope this new school building will be by ensuring at least a fair chance to a prosperous future for more children in Hitoog.

Below are all the photos taken so far of the ongoing construction of the SLFH-Building. As soon as new pictures have been taken, they will be placed on this page to keep you informed. Once more, we can’t thank all our sponsors and volunteers enough for making all this possible.

First batch of photos




Second batch


Fourth batch

Fifth batch

Sixth batch

Seventh batch


Final Batch


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