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Latest project finished: the youth of Cagbuhangin, Ormoc, now has a beautiful new Children's Learning Center!

Our 10-Year Anniversary Benefit Event was a great success! Thank you to all who came out to support; together we raised over €2000. Check out these photos & video to join in on the celebration...


SLF celebrates 10 years of being able to make a difference in the Philippines together with all our amazing supporters & friends! Our 10-year Anniversary Benefit Event will take place on Sunday July 9th at 7pm at Strandpaviljoen Beachline Beach in 's-Gravenzande.


RDII-Leyte, KFFN, SLF and two hardworking volunteers from Sweden and Denmark, Architect Jakob Gate & Project Manager Cecilie Wang, combined their efforts to realize a child-friendly community center in Cagbuhangin, Ormoc. Jakob & Cecilie worked completely voluntarily for 10 months to design and manage this project and on October 6th the brand new Children's Learning Center was turned over to the people of Cagbuhangin.

Last June 4th the annual Philippine Independence Day Picnic took place in Spaarnwoude and the Kalayaan Fiesta Foundation in the Netherlands (KFFN) chose SLF as its charity of the year. Therefore, €1 of each sold entrance ticket would go to the Sheryl Lynn Foundation.

The Sheryl Lynn Foundation was honored to have received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ormoc City Department of Education for helping out in this region after typhoon Haiyan caused enormous devastation.

Enjoy the latest updates & photos of the brand new school stage donated by SLF to Cahagnaan Elementary School!
Our 2015 Christmas Outreach Program among the Alangan Mangyan Tribe in Banuton, Bucayao, Naujan in Oriental Mindoro was a great success! We've uploaded a photo album on our Facebook page.
View all the latest pictures, videos and updates of our relief operations in Leyte on our project page.
On Friday April 11th the ECHO jury, comprising of prominent directors from Shell, KPMG, NS and NOS, appointed Sheryl Lynn as the winner of the ECHO Award 2014 at University Level (Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs), for her societal contributions.
The relief operations in Leyte were a great success, helping over 2000 families in affected areas by typhoon Haiyan. Here you will find the first images and we are currently busy sorting more photos to report back to all you wonderful supporters on all our activities there.
We are now in the Philippines helping the victims of typhoon Haiyan in Ormoc and Tacloban. Please stay tuned for our updates!
Stay updated on our upcoming Benefit Event for the Philippines this coming December 22 in Danssalon In Casa in Leiden, through this newspage. We truly hope to see you all there to support those affected by typhoon Haiyan!

Support the victims of typhoon Haiyan through SLF. We will travel to Leyte this Christmas 2013 to help the survivors in areas where this is needed the most and you can support us by making a donation and/or by visiting our Benefit Event. Your donation and/or entrance ticket will fully go to projects that help the Philippine people in their recovery of typhoon Haiyan. Thank you sincerely for your support!

Share the joy with us and watch these heartwarming photos & videos!

Watch the photos of our second project in Macrohon, Leyte, for school year 2012-2013!

Watch the photos and videos of our latest project in Macrohon, Leyte!

Our latest project in the village Tag-Os is successfully completed. Here you can read all about it and after the project information you will find all pictures of this project. Especially check out the video at the end...

It is with great pleasure that we would like to present to you the latest pictures of the new Hitoog Elementary School.

The SLF Annual Benefit Event 2010, held last Friday March 19, was a great success! Over 130 visitors came to celebrate with us in Restaurant 't Hooghe Water in Capelle aan den IJssel.

Last February 26, 2009 the official turn over & blessing of the brand new Hitoog school building took place. The SLFH school building is now completely finished and ready for use!

A new batch of pictures of the SLFH-building has been placed online.

The SLFH-Building is the official name of the new school building that is currently being built in Hitoog. Find lots of pictures here to keep you updated on the progress!

Thanks to all the amazing volunteers, guests and sponsors of our last Annual SLF Benefit Event, the town Hitoog was able to start the construction of the proposed 3 classroom building. They started the project with an official ground breaking ceremony to celebrate and bless the constructions that will be made.

Even though the second annual SLF Benefit Event 2008 was held at the same night of the soccer game Netherlands-Russia, which the Netherlands unfortunately lost, we still had a great benefit night for Hitoog Elementary School!

The Sheryl Lynn Foundation wanted to help the children and parents of the mountain village Hitoog. This project is now successfully finished and we would like to thank all our supporters & volunteers for making this possible! Click on the links below to see and read all about this project from beginning till end.

Some new pictures have been posted on our website!

The SLF-website has some new items to view! SLF is happy to introduce you to our Goldmembers and we also made some newspaper articles available online.

ING Bank offered SLF her new special giro-account 4990.

The windows of the daycare center in the town Tab-Ang on the island Leyte have been broken for a long time.

Canooka Fashion provided the Sheryl Lynn Foundation with over 100 white T-shirts to send to the Philippines.

The first project of the Sheryl Lynn Foundation is the Sta.Fe-Itum Elementary School.

Last March 10 the official launch of the Sheryl Lynn Foundation took place. It was an evening full of Philippine dance, music and food.

Ladies Day at David Lloyd was a great success!

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