The Sheryl Lynn Foundation is actively helping and supporting people in the Philippines that live in poverty. SLF is putting all her efforts in helping as many people as possible with a focus on children and education. After the destructive typhoon hit the Philippines on the 8th of November 2013, the Sheryl Lynn Foundation had temporarily broadened her scope towards providing people with the most basic life necessities and rebuilding their lives (more information can be found under About SLF).

SLF is raising her funds through Benefit Events, Goldmemberships (€60 a year), personal donations and sponsoring. Also, media attention leads and has led to spontaneous initiatives throughout the country, supporting SLF.

The funds that the foundation raises are closely supervised by the Treasurer of the foundation, accompanied by one of the other board members. The Sheryl Lynn Foundation firmly believes in the ‘four-eye-principle’, which always involves at least two of the four board members for all financial actions and decisions. Aside from this, our financial committee uses the 'four-eye-princple' as well in auditing all expenditures. This committee excludes the President and Treasurer of the foundation to ensure no conflict of interest.

The spending of the raised funds mainly happens through close cooperation between the SLF Board and local, trustworthy Philippine partner organizations. Each and every project is first examined by the board of the foundation to ensure the funds will be spent effectively and efficiently. The President and Founder of the SLF (Sheryl Lynn Baas) travels to the Philippines herself on a regular basis, keeping a close and critical eye on the local spending and progress of the SLF-projects as well.

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