About Sheryl Lynn

Sheryl Lynn Baas, the founder of SLF, is the daughter of a Philippine mother and a Dutch father. Growing up, the Philippine people & culture have always been a great part of her life. Ever since she was a little girl, seeing the poverty in the Philippines with her own eyes during family visits, made her aware of the inequality in this world and she hoped to one day find a way to make a meaningful difference for people in need.
The realisation of that dream came closer when she was crowned Miss Netherlands on June 18, 2006. She had joined the pageant as it promoted the opportunity of using the title as a platform to serve charitable causes. When she won the crown, this is exactly what she did, as an ambassador for several charities in the Netherlands. With the experience she gained, this title also gave her the opportunity to start her own foundation in March 2007. The Sheryl Lynn Foundation then started its first projects in the Philippines and began its journey to serve the youth.
In 2013 Sheryl Lynn was crowned with the international title of Mrs. Globe, in the United States. Again, the appeal was "beauty with a purpose", as this pageant was founded as a fundraiser for the Women In Need (WIN) Foundation, a non-profit empowering women who've suffered from abuse. Both pageant titles offered Sheryl a great platform to bring a positive contribution to the world.
In 2015 Sheryl Lynn graduated with honours in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, a study she consciously chose as an investment for the Sheryl Lynn Foundation. She specialized in Environment & Development in the region of South-East Asia, the Philippines in particular, conducting fieldwork in the provinces Leyte and Isabela. During her studies she was awarded the ECHO Award 2014 for combining the world of entertainment, academics and philanthropy to use the outcome for a greater purpose.
Fast forward to today, Sheryl Lynn leads a very colourful life. She is now also a mom and combines her work as a spiritual coach with freelance jobs in communication, presentation, music and modelling. Her passion to serve and share her light with others remains her priority, in whatever role she finds herself. Through the Sheryl Lynn Foundation she continues to serve the youth in the Philippines through education and empowerment.
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"I sincerely want to thank you for visiting this website and let you know that I am very grateful for your support, in whatever form. Without you, there is no SLF. May your kindness & support be returned to you in tenfold." - Sheryl Lynn

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