The links below show current and past projects of the Sheryl Lynn Foundation. All SLF projects aim to help Philippine people in poverty, with a focus on children and education. We hope you will have a look at our work and stay updated on future projects either through this page or our Facebook page. Perhaps you will even consider to support us by making a donation. In which ever way you support us, we are very grateful for it!

The projects below are arranged in order of time, with the top projects being our most recent ones. Clicking on the project titles or photos will open each project. 

CFCC in Cagbuhangin, Ormoc

School Activity Stage in Cahagnaan

Christmas Outreach Program

Leyte 2015 Visit & Projects

Typhoon Haiyan - New School Building for Mahayag

Typhoon Haiyan - Relief Operations - Part III (Return to Ormoc) 

Typhoon Haiyan - Relief Operations - Part II (Tacloban)   

Typhoon Haiyan - Relief Operations - Part I (Ormoc)   

Esperanza Elementary School Activity Stage

Project Visits 

San Isidro Elementary School

San Isidro Elementary School - Year II

Tag-Os Elementary School Stage

Hitoog Elementary School

New windows and toys for Daycare Tab-Ang

T-shirts for Cahagnaan High School

Sta.Fe-Itum Elementary School


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