Haiyan Relief Operations Updated on Projects Page

View all the latest pictures, videos and updates of our relief operations in Leyte on our project page.

We are extremely grateful to all supporters, donors, sponsors, volunteers and other contributors of the Sheryl Lynn Foundation for allowing us to help so many families that were affected by typhoon Haiyan, throughout several remoted villages in Leyte. On our project page we have an overview of our relief operations, divided in three parts, and our construction project, where we report back to you what we were able to do with all your help. We hope you enjoy reading the updates and viewing the pictures & videos, that show the happiness and gratitude of many parents and children. Thank you for all your support and for staying updated on our activities!

Here are the separate links for your convenience as well:

Haiyan Relief Operations Part I

Haiyan Relief Operations Part II 

Haiyan Relief Operations Part III 

Construction School Building Mahayag

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